Jon-Kyle MohrLos Angeles, Calif., Insta, Threads

My practice centers on interaction, interface, perception, and environment. Professionally, this emerges through the creation of tools for connection. Personally, this is explored through durational human powered movement.


ReversedPublishing imprint centered on movement, perception, and environment.
CyclemarksA simple bookmarking tool with a rhythm. When adding a mark, you set a cycle—a period of time that passes between a visit and it re-appearing in your daily digest.
Are.naEditorial design and engineering.
Sierran SystemsCreative studio.


LFE2023 — 2024

Mirror2023 — 2022
Co-founder, Head of Product

Enoki2017 — 2019

Cargo Collective2009 — 2016
First hire, Design Engineer

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